Nicolette van Wijngaarden interview on BayFM

Byron Bay’s BayFM radio listeners were treated to a special interview on the Tuesday segment of ‘Byron Business’ this week. Presenter Phil Daly hosted local businesswoman, Nicolette van Wijngaarden in a segment about her niche business in luxury real estate, Unique Estates.

Nicolette talked about how she got started in real estate after 15 years in marketing. Having run her own business, Marketing Savvy, she explained how she fell into selling a luxury property for a friend who wasn’t having any luck with traditional sales methods. Nicolette used her marketing experience to create a brand around the property allowing prospective buyers to connect with the history and feel of the home rather than just listing its features.

Being an entrepreneur, Nicolette saw the need for a new business and Unique Estates was born.

Click on the player below to listen to the podcast of Nicolette van Wijngaarden’s interview on BayFM’s ‘Byron Business’ radio show.

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