Artist Ken Johnson puts Incatrole up For Sale

Incatrole, an exquisite Northern Rivers luxury estate, is Australian Artist Ken Johnson’s masterwork where his home and art blend harmoniously. The eclectic influences of Spanish, Rajasthan, Moroccan and Mexican design and décor create a lively backdrop to Ken’s own paintings and sculptures.

Ken Johnson's Painting Studio at his home Incatrole

There’s a warmth and feeling that Ken’s artistic inspiration and creations all live happily together under one roof. Incatrole in fact encompasses much more than one roof. The main house is laid out around the Moorish style courtyard pool and a covered patio dining area leads to Ken’s painting studio. A walk through the subtropical gardens takes you past a separate guest cottage and across to a marvelous barn turned sculpture studio.
Ken Johnson's Sculpture Studio at his home - Incatrole
The views from Incatrole’s enormous kitchen and entertaining areas take in the panorama of Byron Bay hinterland just 20 minutes from the famous surf beaches. Many forms of wildlife wander through the extensive property and platypus play in the large pond that attracts birds from jabirus to black swans.

Lake and bushland view at Incatrole in Northern NSW

Ken has and continues to travel widely, with this year seeing him off to teach and exhibit in Norway, UK and Italy before returning to a project that has touched his heart – building a medical clinic in a small village at the foot of the Himalayas. Many villagers in the area had to walk for days to receive treatment, but thanks to Ken’s high profile fund raising efforts, they now have access to doctors nearby. Ken’s passion to help doesn’t end there. He has plans for an orphanage and school where students can train as sculptors.

Courtyard swimming pool oasis at Incatrole

Managing Director of Unique Estates, Nicolette van Wijngaarden, salutes Mr Johnson for his charitable work, and stated that his home is one of the most extraordinary properties she has ever seen. She is proud to support him in his decision to sell Incatrole. Nicolette can be contacted on 0411 144 877 or email

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